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Should I keep my car


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Hey Scotty I have a 2014 gmc terrain with 160k miles on it I need my timing chains done it’s a 3.6 do I bother spending the 3k to get it fixed or get another car

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It’s going to become one money pit after another even if you get the timing chain replaced:  it’s all going to add up.  I think it’s time to look at a different vehicle.  At 160,000 miles that vehicle is past its useful life.


How do you know the timing chains need to be done?


Those 3600 engines are decent engines if they're maintained properly. But with it having downgraded quality on it, it can be a huge problem dealing with whatever is wrong with it. Since it needs a new timing chain, I'd say sell it and get something that would hold up a lot better than any GM product. Too much money going down the toilet on that car.