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2006 Nissan Murano se a good buy?


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Hi Scotty, I love all your video's, you have taught me lots.

I am looking 2006 Nissan Murano Se Awd with 208,000km form a dealership in Vancouver bc $4800.

What are your thoughts on this year?


Thank you.



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The Murano's do not tend to hold up well over time. I would not recommend one, particularly at that mileage with a CVT.


That vehicle has CVT and is already at 129,000 miles.  Not sure how much driving you plan to do with it but I would pass on it.  Top 3 reported issues for that model year were leaking power steering, excessive oil consumption, and failed transfer case.  And who knows how the CVT (weak link) was taken care of.  I would look for something else.



Nissan - no.  From a dealer - no.  CVT trans - no.

Morano- hell no.


Those year cvt’s didn’t have a crazy amount of problems and if maintained they will go the haul. I had one and loved it but on the other hand if you don’t know it’s history and that mileage they do not age the most gracefully. Those 3.5 liters though will run forever will typically consume oil and knock if not properly maintained 


That weird french influenced SUV IMO is a poor man's Infiniti Fx35, but longevity and reliability-wise, they are in different worlds. The first-gen Muranos have good engines, but everything around it is not so good. They are just not very well-made vehicles. I would look for an FX35 as an alternative to the Murano if can get past the crappy gas mileage, or just go for a Lexus RX or an Acura MDX. All of which are much better made than the Murano.

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Thank you