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2007 Mazda5 Shaking at High Speed


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Dear Scotty,

I have a question about my mom's 2007 Mazda5 (automatic) that I'm not sure why it would shake when traveling at high speed on the highway.  For city driving, it's fine. When going down the highway, I found the steering wheel would vibrate, but the vehicle isn't pulling to either side.  It feels as though the tires are shimmying or vibrating, but I don't hear that when driving.

The tires are aligned and the shocks and struts are fine.  Furthermore, there's a tire that has a tendency to lose air over a short time currently on the front driver side.

Do you know what may be causing this behavior and should it be anything to be worried about?  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and the truth Scotty. 😊 👍 

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Have you balanced the tires? If so, swap the front tires with rear ones. 


+1 @yaser

Also, how old are the tyres?


AgcoAuto has a set of fantastically informative pages on tires (and potential pitfalls to watch out for). It's worth checking out.

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Thanks for your reply. No, she hasn't done that. I'm suspecting that there's something off with the tire balance since everything looks OK. Maybe it's time for her to get new tires if push comes to shove.

Make sure she gets some quality tires, and not those cheap Chinesium tires, otherwise the new tires will ride worse than what you currently have on the vehicle.