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2007 Toyota Rav4 3.5l v6


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Hello, im asking this question for a friend of mine.

He recently took out a loan from a used car dealer for a 07 rav4 3.5l v6 with around 150 to 160k on it. He paid 5k for it and some change, but recently he took it to a local toyota dealer in west Virginia and had a 12 point inspection done. I pre checked it a few weeks before he went with my scan tool and told him everything I found minus the VCS light being on.

My findings were he needed a new fuel air ratio sensor, outer tie rod on the diver side, and new rear struts because they were very rough on the test drive. 

The dealer findings were similar except with two additions. This would be a new timing cover and an intermediate shaft. They informed him it would be around 4 to 5k just for parts no labor included. I looked around the engine, underneath, and everywhere i could imagine a leak would come from and even let it idle for around 20 to 30 minutes. Not a drop of oil was to be found on the ground or on the engine.

I believe the dealer is attempting to rip my friend off for the work and price of parts because i work at advanced and we priced as close to OEM as we could get and the parts along are nowhere near what he was quoted. Im not a licensed mechanic, but more of an enthusiast in my free time. But i wanted a pro opinion or opinions on what you think about the intermediate steering shaft and the timing cover leaking oil.

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Your friend is getting hosed.