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water pools up on passenger floor after rain


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I have a 2008 Scion XD with 96k miles. It is an automatic that runs very well, with no trouble codes.

However, for the past couple years there has been a leak on the rear passenger side that pools up in the floorboard. I thought it was the door, as it has some body damage. I bought a used door and put it on myself, but the leak is still there. I checked common Scion issues, and it says that it could’ve been the AC runoff clogging up. I checked the tube, and it was clear. It only happens in the rear floorboard, and nowhere else. It does not drip from the top of the car, only shows up in the bottom. Any idea what it might be?

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One thing you could try is to get the car in a closed garage, set the vent to fresh outside air and turn it on high.  Shut all the doors and windows and go out side with a piece of toilet tissue and move it over the doors and windows to see where air is escaping.  That is the probable entry point of at least one leak.  You could also make up a bottle of dish soap and water and spray it around until you see bubbles.


When does the leak happen? Does it do it only when you have your AC on?

Does the leak happen after a big rain?

Another thing you could do is get somebody on a hose, and have them spray it on the car. Another person inside can look to see if it is leaking, and that may can narrow down where it is coming from.

I had a small leak, and couldn't narrow it down until we had a major flood, then I could easily spot the issue. After I sealed my sunroof with silicone, now I don't have an issue.

Totally forgot to mention! The leak does not happen when AC is on, only when it rains. Also, I tried the hose trick. The water comes in at the bottom of the door, which is where the body damage was on the original door. It comes in under the carpet.

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water comes in at the bottom of the door, which is where the body damage was

sounds like the car body beside the door was damaged too, so it's not sealing. Take it to a body shop.


So get a new door seal and adjust the door properly.  Pretty easy fix.  What other relevant information did you forget to mention?