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2009 Toyota Corolla Lost Communication With Abs Module


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I have a 2009 Toyota corolla le 1.8 with automatic transmission 193000 miles.

I recently had to repair some damage to my wife's car from vandalism. I replaced the Radiator, Condenser,Plugs,PCV Valve,over Flow Jug.

Started it up everything was fine everything working. The next day went to the crank the car and had a code for lost communication with the brake module. And power windows would not work. door locks worked just fine. Also, the daytime running lights would not work. But only code was lost communication for brake module. did a little research and only found one blown fuse for windows. Replaced still nothing. So replaced module and main window switch with brand new parts and still have no windows and still no communication with module. What else am I overlooking? All fuses and relays I can find are good. Called the local dealership. They said all relays are in fuse boxes. Is there another replay hidden somewhere? Everything else works all lights and all features. Just no comunication with brake model and windows will not work with any switches on any of the doors. Please Help so I can get my wife back on the road and happy!! 


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Well realize if it was vandalized it could easily have destroyed computer modules anytime you work on any computer system you have to disconnect the power supply and obviously they vandalized your car they didn't disconnect your battery before they vandalized it.

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Yes, I followed your suggestion and had the battery unhooked and still nothing. I also drained everything as you had mentioned before. Since it is only giving the code for the brake module what else do you suggest I try? I am wondering if there is a relay behind the dash somewhere. What would be your suggestions?

Thanks so much, Scotty


Go beyond trouble codes into Mode 6/enhanced diagnostics, if you have a Blue Driver or equivalent scan tool. That might tell you somey.

Even better, if you find/use/mechanic (with) a bidirectional scan tool, to see if you can command these modules from the scan tool, that, too, might be useful.

I suspect (but don't know) that some intermediate relays or wiring shared by these systems might be bad. To know, you'll have to get schematics from alldata and trace.

What you've done is "fire the parts cannon" without doing or getting a prior diagnosis first. You've spent money, throwing parts at a problem and it would not surprise me if you've replaced OEM parts with inferior aftermarket parts, perhaps setting up problems for later.

Relay schematics, power/ground, all that needs to be thoroughly tested prior to shelling out for a replacement PCM.

Good luck in your efforts.