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2011 sienna with no heat in driver seat


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No heat in driver's seat but heat in passenger seat. Also heat in rear seat.

Coolant level is good. Engine temperature is also good. What could be the problem?

2011 toyota sienna. 101,000 miles.

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Are you having a cooling system problem as well? (If so, that should be put in a separate post.)

For the heated seat you need to trace out the electrical fault. The heater grid in the seat may have a break in it, but it could also be a bad fuse, switch, or relay, or a computer module problem. A quick check would be to see if you're even getting voltage at the connector when switched on.

cooling system fine , no problem

OK, I just thought there might be some kind of issue there since you'd mentioned it, no worries.


Most times the problem is with the seat heating element and most people don't want to go through the process of replacing the element.

In your case there's 2 recalls on your 2011 Sienna seat heating elements.

They won't fix it, they'll just disconnect it. But they will refund you the purchase price of the seat heater accessory.

NHTSA Recall 14V743000 

NHTSA Recall 16V396000