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Replace shields after coolant change?


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2012 Lexus rx 350

After changing the engine coolant do I really need to replace the shields? 

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Posted by: @dansmith-route78-nj

After changing the engine coolant do I really need to replace the shields? 

how often do you change the coolant?

100k miles


Are you talking about the plastic splash shield under the front bumper?

Its there for a reason, Id put it back on. Not sure why you wouldnt.

Lexus seems to try to make it more difficult to work on cars by putting on plastic covers, like the vanity cover over everything under the hood for example. All that seems to do is keep heat in, which is not desirable. What’s the reason for the vanity cover?

Covers on top of the motor are mostly there for aesthetics. If you watch Scotty often you'll notice has well known for throwing these covers on the lawn while calling it a stupid beauty cover. My wrx has small cover on it and it looks better than the intake manifold & a bunch of wires. The heat they keep in is pretty insignificant all things considered. I mean your hood is most likely insulated anyway. After doing a google search, its seems theyre intended to reduce noise coming from the engine... not sure how noticeable that really is tbh. Guards underneath the engine are important, they protect your engine bay from objects getting kicked up and damaging anything under that car. Including large amounts of water, I have the belt fall off my car while driving down the PA turnpike through intense rain.