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2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo bulb size?


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Good morning everyone hope all is well. Question: what size low/high beam bulb size does the 14 Grand Cherokee take? I don't always go by what Google says

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Did you check your owner’s manual?  What about on Rockauto or Autozone?  Those are the places I look if I can’t remember the exact size callout.

I didnt think to check the owners manual


Check your owners manual, see page 213:

Looks like H11 is your low beams, and 9005 are high beams, unless you have the premium headlamps. 

You can also check out Advanced autoparts website, just put in your vehicle, search headlights and you'll see what they say fits for low & high beams. You can probably exchange them if you buy the wrong ones, that's what I did when I accidently bought the high beam size for my low beams. They were cool about it. 



Your correct. I realized what the premium headlamps look like


Get GE or Philips.

Sylvania is garbage.