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2012 Silverado apply brake and traction and stabilitrak lights come on


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2012 Silverado with 180,000 miles.  I have owned it for 3 years.  Runs and shifts great. No stored codes.  When I apply the brake, sometimes the Stabilitrak and Traction lights come on in the dash as well as spelled out in the dash display as "off".  When this happens the door lock cycle just as if I am starting to move.  Often, if I lift my foot quickly off the brake pedal the lights go out.   If the lights stay on, I can stop the truck and wait a few minutes and restart with no lights as if nothing ever happened.  Also, I just had a shop diagnose and replace the brake module for $1100 with no change.  

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Well I demand my money back from that shop. They're idiots. You obviously have some type of electrical short with the braking system and the main thing is you step on the brakes that activates the brake light switch which is electrical and it could feedback and be short enough. All kinds of places. It could be a ground wiring fault on the braking system. It could be a ton of things. You need a better electrical mechanic than those clowns that were working on it and charged you a lot of money and fix nothing

Thanks for the feedback...thoughts on what questions to ask to determine if a shop has a good electrical mechanic?