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2013 chevy express travel van obd2 code running rich


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Hi scotty , thank you for all your help over the years, I have learned so much. I have a 2013 chevy express travel van with 45000 miles on it , travel the us east coast with it, in the last 3 months the check engine light comes on , with the code of running rich, so I changed all the o2 sensors, light stayed off for a month then came back on for two days then went back off. considered purchasing a more expensive obd2 scanner to change the alcohol content , but not sure if that is wise to spend the money or go to dealership to have the scan, but i have little faith i will get the right answer. what would you suggest?


thank you 


Burlington Canada


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This is a known problem with flex fuel engines. You'll need someone with a Tech2 OBD tool to reset the alcohol content. However, it's not a permanent fix. Unfortunately, the problem will probably plague you for the duration of your ownership.

unfortunately, you probably wasted your money on the O2 sensors. The light only went out because the computer was re-learning some parameters when you changed them.


Is this a Flex Fuel engine?


what code comes up? P0172? P0175? If it’s P0175 it could be an exhaust leak, leaky injectors, could also be a bad fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator? Test those and see.

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yes i believ eit was the po172, bank two running rich, but not cocsistent, it would appear then go back to normal, so i changed the o2 sensors, but the check engine light came on again for two days then disappeared. it is a flex fuel engine meaning it can take the e85 fuel ethanol mixture


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thank you, I will try this