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2018 Honda CR-V EX-L FWD - Humming Noise Between 20 and 60 MPH


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Scotty - The issue is with a humming noise on a 2018 CR-V FWD. Only 47,400 miles on it, mostly on the highway. I can’t identify whether the noise comes from the rear tires or the front tires. It is loud enough to be heard inside the cabin with the windows up and the radio on. It is less noticeable on cruising speed above 60 MPH. My thoughts are either bad bearings or transmission issues. What do you think the issue could be? I took the car to the local Honda dealer for a diagnosis and $100 later, they said that it is not the bearings, but did not identify any other possible causes (tires, struts, balancing, etc.). I never take my car there again. It is time to trade it?

Can you make a YouTube video of the noise & post the link here?

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Find a good tire shop and have your tires checked and balanced. 



See my video finding the source of car noises Scotty

Thank you Sir. Will keep you updated.


At that age and mileage on the CR-V, the only thing I’d suspect would be worn out tyres. 

What brand of tyres are you using presently & what’s the tread depth?

Hardly a reason to get rid of the vehicle, unless you can positively identify its from the engine or transmission. 

The tire were replaced las summer at 32000 miles approximately.

Are they good quality tyres or cheap Chinese ones?

Bfgoodrich Advantage T/A.


check the tires


Ha Ha you got a jap lemon!

Haw haw! Mittegag gets stumped by a humming sound. LoL