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2019 Honda CR-V Earth Dreams Turbo


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I saw your video on the Volkswagen GDI issues and didn't notice when my wife just purchased a 2019 Honda CR-V with the GDI Turbo Earth Dreams engine. screwed am I? We can't return it. Should I sell it and get a normal gas aspirated engine. Are the Honda engineers as smart as the Toyota engineers and have the dual injection system to clean the engine like you mention in your videos or any oil dilution problems with this engine?

Your opinion please.....

Greg in Auburn

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Well Honda engineers are actually quite good. What I would do if I were you would be to use the new GF6 oil that's made for those engines so they don't get oil dilution and I would change the oil every 5,000 mi using that pure synthetic GF6 oil. I've had customers have a little oil dilution in those and once they switch to that oil it went away


Honda has this thing called PGM-FI, programmatic fuel injection. Which supposedly alleviate concern for carbon build up in direct injection engines. I don’t really know the veracity of this though.