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2019 Subaru Forester Sport oil drain plug gasket


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I was removing the oil drain plug on my forester and the socket got stuck on the drain plug. I went to autozone and purchased a Dorman engine oil drain plug. I used the drain plug gasket that came with the oil filter I bought from the Subaru dealership and not the one from the aftermarket plug. The Subaru gasket is smaller diameter than the aftermarket plug gasket but it sealed when I tightened the drain bolt. 

Should I be worried about any leaks or the drain plug coming loose or will it be fine?  



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Posted by: @allenx_12

Should I be worried about any leaks

Does it leak?

it has been a few hours but nothing so far.

I mean check it.
- wipe the drain plug and filter so they're clean and dry. Make sure you get any spots where oil might have collected
- Start the engine
- rev it up to around 2000 RPM for about 5 seconds.
- shut off
- go back under and check the plug & filter for any oil.
If you don't see anything then you're probably fine. Continue to check it for a few days.


No worries.  Best practices is to check the drain for leaks and regularly check the level after you change the oil regardless.  But I doubt you will have problems if it is torqued properly (you should have felt a little giveway then resistance as the gasket crushed).