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2020 Toyota Camry bodypanel damage


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I’m in New Jersey and a few months ago we had a lot of snow on the ground . Mounds of it . I park my car on the street . I was parking and I bumped into a mound of snow and the side panel of the bumper came off . I popped it back in and took it to the dealership . I explain to the service what happened . He said don’t worry about it , didn’t even have it looked at . A few months after I was driving on the highway at high speeds and someone flags me down and tells me my bumper is hanging off . The wind actually bent and cracked it . Do you think I’m responsible for this or should the dealership cover it since they told me not to worry about it . Oh and it’s a lease , that’s why he told me not to worry . They sent a letter to Toyota to see if it would be covered under warranty .  It I still haven’t heard back . I’ve owned Toyotas for 20 years and bumped into a lot of things , I never had a side bumper panel come off . I told him it must be a defect . What’s your opinion ? 

Can you please post some pictures of the damage?

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Well I doubt a Toyota's going to do anything about it basically if you ever hit something warranties get void then anyway. And unless you have anything in writing whatever they told you doesn't mean anything

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He said don’t worry about it

Did you ask for a service record stating that the repair was refused?

Always get it in writing.