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2021 Hyundai Sonata N Line


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Hi Scotty,

I love your videos. What do you think about the 2021 Hyundai Sonata N Line with 2.5L turbo 290HP? I own a 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport with 2.5L naturally asperated with 71k miles. Have not had any major issues and I like the car but it lacks power. I'm thinking about trading in for the N Line with turbo but am leery about the longevity. Your thoughts?

PS, I maintain and don't beat the crap out of my cars



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If you really want one, just lease it. The naturally aspirated Hyundai cars have lots of issues when they age, adding turbo to that is just a recipe for disaster. 


You probably have not had any issues because you only have 71K miles and you were lucky enough to get one that didn't have metal shavings in the oil or bad bearings. Hyundais tend to start falling apart around 100K miles or so even if you don't have those problems. Adding a turbocharger into the mix will only make things worse. 


We are currently not recommending any Hyundai Motor Group products, especially for purchase, due to their poor track record for quality/reliability.  The new ones are just a gamble.  If you have been following Scotty for any length of time, then you already know he is not a fan of them either and has been warning people of them.  If there was a doubt, see below:  also, the 10 year/100,000 mile warranty (which only applies to the original owner) is not what it is cracked up to be as more times than not they look for ways to get out of a warranty claim and refer to problems as “Oh, that’s normal”.  Plus, some of the mechanics working on the cars have no idea what they are doing.

If you must get a Hyundai or Kia product, then just lease it and return before the warranty expires.

Thanks DayWalker, I really appreciate your feedback as well as others on the forum. As far as the warranty, I've experienced exactly what you commented on. At around 60k I started to smell oil when driving. Before having 3 back surgeries due to herniated disks I was an auto mechanic, after the first surgery in 1992 I was not able to continue that career path but I'm still able to do the light maintenance stuff, oil changes, brakes, plugs etc.. I visited the Hyundai dealer I purchased the car from and they said the had steam cleaned the engine, and ran on the lift and they could not find any oil leak. Well, it was a slow leak that I could actually smell in the car when the engine was warm and heat was on. Afterwards I put my car on ramps, removed the shroud (is a real PITA, you have remove about 20 screws) and videoed the oil dripping on the PS CV axial. Contacted Hyundai corporate and complained and sent videos to them. I planned on taking into another Hyundai dealer but wanted this on the record. Well, after visiting the other Hyundai dealer they verified there was a leak from the valve cover gasket. This leak was hard to see from the top or bottom due to the leak being on the back side of engine. They said they would replace the VC gasket but wanted to charge me $180 to steam clean the engine. Said "no thanks" and purchased a $5 can of engine clean from Autozone and did it myself.

I purchased the Sonata Sport due to the price at the end of 2014, $21k with premium package and really like the car but probably will sell or trade in within the next 2 years while it is in great condition. I've owned Toyota's (2 Celicas and a Supra) but there was a big price difference in 2014 between a Camry and Sonata. Not so much now as I will take the advice of you and others on this forum and trade in or sell before it approaches 100k and go with a Camry.

Thanks again to you and all the other people that replied.



Please avoid that car. That vehicle won't last 100k miles without problems with a turbocharger. Also, my sister currently drives a 2016 Sonata. I feel sorry that she bought it because she has the same mileage that yours has and she is having issues.


Just lease it, it's not worth buying it because if you buy it and you have problems with it and ur trying to sell it, ur gonna lose your shirt because they have no resale value. They don't hold up overtime.

You should consider a Honda Accord with the 2.0T because that thing is a sleeper, in fact, it beat out a 2021 BMW 330i xdrive. It will outlast the Sonata.


If you want my recommendation  get 

Civic type r 

Camry trd 

But if you really wanna get Hundayi N line lease ...buying is not good option