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Should I buy a new Ford Ecosport


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2022 Ford EcoSport S with I2.0L Ti-VCT GDI I4 engine 4WD Automatic transmission - Is this a reliable new vehicle? Will it last if I take care of it? Should I buy it?

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The Ecosport is a light-duty, disposable vehicle based on the Ford Fiesta. They are not known for reliability or longevity.

Okay thanks. I thought maybe this was a newer engine and transmission that might be more reliable?

Not that I know of, but maybe someone else here knows differently.

Thanks again!


@dan may advise you to run away..


The Ford EcoSport is a scam.


It's a lifted sixth generation Ford Fiesta (2008), and the EcoSport it self is a decade old at this point.

Ford has long discontinued that horrid economy car for most of the world - replacing it with the Ford Puma.

So that's a 15 year old design, based on an unsuccessful economy car.


But the main issue is that the pricing is outrageously horrible!

These small crossovers are meant to be cheap - as it's just a bodykit. IT SHOULD NOT COST LIKE A FAMILY CAR!

For instance, my small crossover which I absolutely adore was $1,000 more than the non-lifted version.

And same with the Corolla Cross, it is around $1,000 more than the Corolla hatchback.


BUT the EcoSport is a mind boggling $8,000 OVER the super outdated Fiesta it's based on and it's a crap car!


If it would be a $15k car, as it should be, I wouldn't have much critique BUT at the price of a decent car?


If you value your money, Just get a Corolla Cross / C-HR.

Or maybe even just a regular Corolla.


Avoid it. If you want a subcompact suv go for a hr-v or corolla cross or if something a bit bigger then cr-v or rav4.

Okay thanks!