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2022 Toyota Corolla


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Hi Scotty! Im shopping for a new 2022 toyota corolla LE. I want to get the car without direct injection and electrical variable valve timing. I think the SE model has that. I just want to make sure if LE models doesnt have that. I tried looking it up online and couldnt find if LE models has it or not. 

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First off, with one or two exceptions there are no direct injection-only engines offered by Toyota currently and in the context of the Corollas all of the engine choices (there are 2) have both port injection and direct injection.  So you won’t find port injection-only or direct injection-only.

Second, the VVT-iE (electric intelligent variable valve timing) is only offered on the new Dynamic Force Series engines, which that series of engines have not been around all that long in North America so long term reliability is unknown.  In the context of the Corolla this would be the 2.0L I4 engine (M20A-FKS) which for 2022 models is offered on the SE, SE Nightshade, and SE Apex Editions.

The engine that is NOT the Dynamic Force engine is the 1.8L I4 (2ZR-FAE) which is more true and tried.  It is found on the L, LE, and XLE trims.

Also, the 2.0L Dynamic Force engines come with a newer CVT with launch gear (Scotty’s son has those) or a manual transmission.  Less wear on the transmission having the launch gear.

The 1.8L engine comes with the older CVT which has some issues going back many years (I think back to 2014), and there had been recalls covering many model years since 2014.  Not sure if the ones from 2019-2022 are solid now or not.  Also, there was no choice of manual transmission.

I like the idea of the Dynamic Force engine mated to the manual transmission despite the increased complexity of that engine, but at least it is naturally aspirated and Toyota is generally good about not rushing products to market and you’d be getting one several years into the generation and they made so many Corollas that issues should be ironed out (in theory);  I am not a fan of CVTs for longevity’s sake.

The LE CVT is pretty solid now. Yet, there was a recall in 2018 or 2019 covering CVT from 2014 to 2019 regarding the fluid pressure. My wife has a 2020 Corolla LE, I was driving it for couple months of daily commute, it's a very good car to drive and I loved it. I joined the Facebook Corolla group with over 55k people. I haven't seen anyone saying their CVT has problem, and I see some people with 300k on 2014 model, 140k on 2015 model, etc. I would say Corolla LE CVT is a pretty solid CVT but you still need to change the fluid.

@RunningMan thank you for that insight, it should help OP with his decision. And yes, I definitely agree on changing the CVT fluid - I’d go every 30,000 miles for peace of mind.


Call the dealer and ask them.