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2023 CX-9


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Hi Scotty,

Would a 2023 Mazda CX-9 be a good long term car?

I am looking for a 7-8 passenger vehicle for my family. Unfortunately Toyota Sienna and Highlander hybrid are about a 3-5 year waitlist (Vancouver, Canada), and a gas highlander is about a year waitlist and a Honda Pilot isn’t much better. I was thinking of a Mazda CX9 but am having a hard time trying to figure out if it would last as long, and if not how long would I expect it to last. My wife and I drive conservatively and I keep up with the recommended maintenance.

appreciate any thoughts 

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I would lease it. A turbocharged 4-cylinder engine on a 4200lb SUV will not hold up over time.

It seems that every vehicle is going 4 cylinder now Or electric.

Guessing you would eliminate 7-8 seat seater Toyota too from being a long term vehicle?

Toyota highlander is 4cylinder + turbo or 4 cylinder hybrid

Toyota Sienna is 4cylinder hybrid


Then what would be recommended for a long term 7-8 seat vehicle?
I hate how much money is wasted on leasing

Does this vehicle have to be new? Are you willing to buy used? Do you care much about gas mileage?

Around here the used are far more expensive then new. You have to get something maybe 5 years old to get at msrp (if you don’t believe me check Craigslist in the Vancouver area)

Ok then. As far as the car goes that contains 7-8 people, Nissan Armada.


How about a new Sequoia? Yes it has turbo charged engine but it's a Toyota turbo so I would trust it more than other brands.

Unfortunately the sequoia has a waiting list guessed at 1-2years.
Unfortunately it’s almost double the price of the CX-9 and has worse mileage
In Vancouver Canada they tax the gas here insanely. Last summer they hit 2.419$/ litre which when you factor in the exchange rate and equals $6.68/ gallon