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Any Helpful Tips on Keeping my Corolla in good shape and long lasting?


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Hi Scotty!


I had purchased a used Black 2011 Corolla S from the Used Toyota dealership here in Southern California back in late March this year. It started off with around 62,000 miles on it, now its currently at 71,000 miles already. I used my Corolla as my work vehicle, as I am a pizza delivery driver. I already did my oil and filter changes every 4,000 miles since and will continue to do so. And a side note, it was made in Canada as it states on the frame of the car.

My alternator had already died on me earlier this summer and left me stranded, but i got that covered by the 32,000 mile warranty by the dealership. I've had no problems with my car at all other than that. It drives and shifts smoothly, which is why I love this car and most likely plan to pay it off and give it to my grandma.

One thing that concerns me is the automatic transmission fluid. It looks almost dark red barely turning black, i can't tell if its ever been changed since it's been bought, and there are no logs stating it's ever been changed. I'm concerned if I really should go ahead and change it soon since I do want the car to last, but I am not sure if any problems may arise at all since it's already at 71,000. Should I go ahead and change the fluid anyways? 

Thank you! Smile

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If those are genuine miles, then yeah I’d go ahead and change it (drain & fill). Save the old fluid though, just in case -

For routine maintenance, just follow the schedule that’s mentioned in your owner’s manual. 

If you’re not sure if any of the other fluids have been changed before, now is a good time to change/flush them all (brake, coolant, power steering).