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Any recommendations for an honest reasonably affordable mechanic in Houston?


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I need a new rack and pinion installed on my 1998 Toyota 4runner, Any recommendations for an honest good mechanic anywhere in Houston? these shops charge an arm and a leg for a job like this... Wish scotty still lived here 

I lived in Houston 55 years before moving to College Station a handful of years ago. Went to high school with Chuck McClurkin who has owned Sharpstown Automotive over 40 years. I actually drive my vehicles in to Houston for any major repairs just to have Chuck (and Trey, who has worked for him almost as long as he's owned the place) work on my vehicles. They always fix the problem the right way the first time and they charge regular prices, nothing inflated like some of the other shops in town.

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Hi Sal. Did you check the Frequently Asked Questions at the top?