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2004 Toyota Matrix Oil Leak


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Hey Scotty,

I have a 2004 Toyota Matrix manual with 200,000 miles on it. It still runs pretty well but I've noticed that it has an oil leak coming from the bottom of the engine and splashing all over the belt, alternator A/C pump, etc. It's not leaking enough to leave any oil on the ground but I can imagine that it's not good to have all the pulleys and stuff covered in oil. It also needs some other work too but nothing extremely serious.  I make frequent long trips (from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin and back) and I'm wondering, is it worth it to put money into getting it fixed or should I think about getting something newer with fewer miles. I'm pretty mechanically inclined but I just don't have the time to do the work myself.



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Well, 200,000 miles for a manual Matrix is still relatively low mileage. Depending on where the leak is originating from, it may be a cheap or not so cheap fix.

Start with finding the source of the leak/s first & then decide if it’s worth fixing or not - 

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It can be a total of three things:

Timing chain tensioner o-ring gasket. Easy, but you must be careful after putting the tensioner back in, as you must crank the engine by hand to make the tensioner click in and engage.

Valve cover gasket, in the particular spot. Usually doesnt happen in just one spot, but could be. Also easy, roughly 18 bolts on and off. 

Front main seal. Difficult (must remove water pump, alternator, valve cover and other stuff) and I would advise to live with it. Add AT-205 to engine. You must prematurely replace the accessory belt, as it is made of rubber and rubber does not like hot oil and will break down quicker. If the belt breaks, good bye engine


Pour a bottle of ATP-205 I. The crankcase and drive it 50-100 miles and see if it stops...