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How do I fix my Dodge Daytona oil leak


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Hey Scotty. HELP ...I watch you alot ..learn alot .your awsome but I need your help im a old skool car guy so I know a little about cars ..but this one I got .2006 dodge Daytona limited only 2 000 made .mines 1810 ..i had a new engine put in it 8k ..but I got oil leaks .it was fine at first ran strong .but after 3k miles .oil leaks .front main .and valve cover somewhere up top .drips on my exhaust .small amounts .tge dodge master idiots can figure it out .. My thoughts are P V C valve maybe ..scotty I really need your help my friend ..can you give me any advise ..solve my mystery sir super frustrated with the issue cell 256-210-5226 .i live in Huntsville Alabama .if your close to me I will drive to you .or maybe a call ..keep up the awsome videos brother your great and dead on point ..we all need more guys like you sir ...god bless ...

My car is a automatic 5.7 hemi

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Find out all the sources of the leaks using UV leak dye - 

To set up an appointment with Scotty in Clarksville, TN -

Send him an email with Appointment as the subject. 

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