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[Solved] Are my tires the problem?


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I have a 1989 Camaro RS with 51k miles. When I accelerate on wet roads, my car gets out of control very easy. The previous owner bought new Cooper Tires Radial G/T P215/70 R15 M+S in 2018. I've put the tire pressure at 30 PSI.

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No, your tires aren't the problem. It's the car. I had two cars in the same f-body generation (1987 Firebird (V6) and 1992 Camaro RS). Most of the weight is in the front so its ass is extremely light. The weight distribution was 57% front, 43% rear, you don't have to do much to go for a spin, literally. I've gone on my share of wild sideways rides in the rain with the Firebird and that was lighter than the RS because of the V6 in the firebird. When it's wet you've got to be very, very careful how much throttle you apply. The only way to get any decent traction is to have weight in the back, but then you're driving around with a lot of unnecessary weight when it's not raining. So, I learned from my Firebird days and drove our 4x4 pickup on rainy days because driving the f-body in the rain was nerve wracking. Of all the cars I've owned, I think the only other worse car in bad weather was 80's-90's Mustangs. 


Cooper is a very good tire brand. Try letting up off the gas, you have a torquey V8 in a RWD car with no weight on the drive tires. You probably have no traction control. 

My 1999 Ranger will do this if I push too hard on the gas on a wet road. The 3.0 isn't a torque engine, but the low gearing (high output torque for pulling loads) makes the tires break free rather easily. 

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Of all the cars I've owned, I think the only other worse car in bad weather was 80's-90's Mustangs. 

Try an AMC Gremlin under slippery conditions! Nearly all the weight is over the front wheels and of course it's rear drive - you'd lose traction if someone spilled a glass of water down the street. (Some greasy fingers would drop 401 V8s into those things, hard to imagine how they kept the rear wheels on the ground!)

My '99 Cherokee will spin the rear wheels pretty easily in the wet from a stop light but I can just throw the transfer case temporarily into 4WD to overcome that.


You would probably need to get different wheels, but according to, you could go to a 245 wide tire on that car. That would give you more grip in the rain.