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Engine vibrates and pulses when AC is turned on


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Hey Scotty

My 2015 Chevy Trax with 81k miles is having another issue. Whenever I turn on the cars AC, I can feel that the engine starts to vibrate and pulse when I drive around even when it’s idling. When Im at higher RPM’s, I can feel that engine begins to vibrate harder and begins to hesitate. 

I’ve taken it to the dealership to get it checked out but I got unlucky. They didn’t fix anything and made the problem much worse. All they did was the change the oil and brakes. 
I’ve done some research and I believe that the alternator is failing. Is that true? What is wrong with my Trax? 

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Have your battery and alternator load tested. (Running the AC takes a lot of electrical current for the cooling fans and compressor clutch which could be lowering system voltage.) It's also possible your AC compressor could be wearing out and taking too much engine power to run.


A failing AC compressor is pulling down the engine. @chucktobias hit the nail on the head.