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[Solved] Are trucks tougher over potholes than cars?


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Do pickup trucks have more tougher suspension over potholes and bumps than cars? My 2014 camry shakes over potholes, and turnouts its rack steer going bad. I am considering a 4runner as my roads have plenty of potholes. Thank you.

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My 4Runner goes over potholes and other rough road "smoother" than my Lexus ES350. The 4Runner's tires have a higher profile with more air cushion in them making for a softer ride. Not a very technical answer but contains actual experience.


Theoretically yes, especially off-road capable trucks. Everything still wears out, eventually. When they do, those off-road trucks are generally more expensive to repair than a regular truck because the components are heavier duty, especially modern designs.

I'd suggest buying an older pick-up truck or truck-based SUV as opposed to a new one and DDing that if you live in a pothole ridden area as well. Something like my 1999 Ranger 4×4 with the Off-Road package will work well. The shocks come out with only 2 or 3 bolts, and there are no coil springs. The front end has torsion bars, not coil springs, like the original Jeeps. They're upside down L-shaped steel rods whose short leg go into the lower control arm, and the longer arm bolts to the chassis in several places. 


In theory an off road truck would be able to handle potholes better. 

One interesting tidbit about Toyota. Some Toyota’s outside the United States are built “stronger” to withstand horrible streets and jumping curbs. 

It’s called the *rough road package*. Pretty common among most OEMs when offering a product in regions with sub optimal road conditions.


Agree with @greg-graham

In addition to usually having a taller side wall, which will soften the ride and reduce the risk of damaging a wheel, trucks usually have wider, larger diameter tires and stronger suspension components.  This benefit is partly offset by their greater weight. But generally, yes, a body on frame truck will handle potholes better with less damage than most cars.

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