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Autonomous driving has been on the rise in cars today and will only get more advanced right now. As of right now, we have level 0 autonomous vehicles (the car you're driving right now) and Level 1 autonomous vehicles (vehicles with safety features- like adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, etc.). We have some Level 2 vehicles (infamous Tesla AutoPilot, Cadillac SuperCruise and Ford BlueCruise to name a few) and a Level 3 in development by Honda. I think Stellantis may also be developing a Level 3 as well.

In case you're curious about what Level 2 and 3 mean, here's the definition:

Level 2 autonomous driving means that the vehicle will handle the steering, accelerating and braking however, the driver must watch the road; otherwise it will disengage and the driver must retake control of the vehicle.

Level 3 autonomous driving means that the vehicle will handle some circumstances but will still require the driver to take control if the vehicle can't handle it.

Do you see this as "the next big thing" or as "potential technology"? Will this even work correctly-I heard Cadillac didn't have as many flaws when compared to Tesla AutoPilot despite everything to do with GM. Is this really going to be the future of cars for this decade?


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It has a ways to go yet.



Not for this decade.  When your "autonomous vehicle" hits a kills someone, you're still going to be held responsible.


Not for this lady. And I won't see it in my lifetime.


Maybe in LaLaLand it will be a thing, but not here in reality.  Modern cars today have enough issues as it is including their electronics;  now, we are to trust they can drive for us and to do it reliably?!   Fat chance.


this decade? not a chance


Just as with any other human made software I wouldn't count on this technology being flawless no matter how much time goes by or how much it improves. No software can think like a human does (we have the ability to think and assess a situation we have never faced before) but with a software I'm not sure I would trust it being able to do something like this no matter how much it has been improved. It would be a risk and mistake telling people their car can be totally autonomous to the point that they wouldn't pay attention to the road or not be ready to intervene.


ALL the cars would have to be automated for it to work.

As long as there are SOME humans driving cars, computers will never respond appropriately.


At some point, I believe that yes, this will be viable technology for the automotive industry.

In the next decade? I doubt it. Within the next 50 years? I could see it.

Just know that it will DEFINITELY be the norm in other places around the world before it becomes anything here in the states. People here want everything, but raise their taxes $1 and they kick and scream like toddlers. Infrastructure isn't cheap and the money has to come from somewhere.

I expect Germany to be among the early nations to use this tech on a regular basis, much as they have with hydrogen.

Yup, they can shove the idea if it means increasing taxes!

And that's why our roads are in ruins here as it is and our healthcare prices are outrageous. I Dont Know

at least you have healthcare. I can't find a GP. I have to wait years for surgeries. Most people just give up and get it done in the USA.


TMK, autonomous driving can be grouped in two big groups. 

Those that use LIDAR and those that don’t. Those that don’t usually rely on graphics card and software to figure everything out from a camera, whereas LIDAR can detect “3D”. 

Only two makes TMK, do NOT use LIDAR: Subaru and Tesla. And that scares me how the most popular autonomous driving car, Tesla, does not use it. 

Everyone else for the most part uses LIDAR as part of their system.



I think it has major potential but isn't ready at this time no matter what a certain carney barker (musk) says. Would be a great feature for emergencies and those times when you over did it at the bar.