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2022 Toyota 4Runner check engine light in less than 24 hours with the vehicle


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Hi Scotty,

I had a 2021 Jeep Renegade that started to fall apart after a little over a year. I traded it in for a brand-new 2022 Toyota 4Runner 6-speed automatic diesel engine. The next day, with 74 (seventy four) miles on the odometer, it started to stall on the road as if it were shaking because of engine idling. After that, multiple lights appeared in the dashboard:

- Check engine light.
- Pre-Collision System off light.
- Traction Control System off light.
- General yellow warning light.

All of that together with "PCS damage"/"Check engine"/"Visit the dealership" error messages.

Is this the end of Toyota reliability as we know it? The Renegade wasn't a very dependable vehicle, but at least it lasted 365 times more than the 4Runner.

Clarification: Which market are you in? There were no diesels offered in the US market.

South America, where they are called Toyota SW4, as Wikipedia lists the 4Runner as "also called". Tried to replace name and units (km/miles) to make it more meaningful in the US context.

Now that I re-checked, it should be Toyota Fortuner. I don't have permissions to edit the post and tags, though.

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Tow it to the dealer, it's their problem.  Could have been a problem with vehicle prep, or it was made first thing on a Monday morning.


I would take that vehicle back to the dealer where you got it from. Because you got the vehicle, it should be under warranty. In terms of reliability, it's all about where the vehicle is made and who the workers are.


As everyone else said take it back to the dealership you bought it from; it's definitely under warranty. I don't think one incident could mean Toyota isn't reliable anymore because there is always a possibility of a car having issues right from the factory which is why Lemon Law exists.


It may still be in transport mode. Sometimes the make ready department forgets to disable that. 

Either way, take it to the dealer. And no, one problem doesn't signal the end of days.


let us know what they find


Bring it back to the dealer.....Where did you score a '22 Diesel 4runner? 

South America, but as I explained in the comment on the original post, I mixed names when trying to put the question in the US context. The actual name is Totyota SW4 in here and Toyota Fortuner on other markets.