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4.6 Triton 3valve ,2009 F150


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Where do I find Affordable rebuilt engines for Ford 150 2009 ,4.6 Triton 3valve . I live in Texas. Willing to have engine shipped here. Thanks Scotty

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Jasper makes good motors.

Reviews I've read from Jasper customers are not exactly sterling.

I think you'll find that with a lot of engine builders unfortunately. The unhappy ones scream the loudest. I've gotten a few motors from them and never had a hiccup, but I can only speak on my experiences. I have no doubt they have issues like everyone else. They are reasonable on their prices though and offer warranties.

I would just go with the rebuilt that has the best warranty.


Powertrain Products, ATK, Jasper.


I searched a few Ford sites, and Fraser Engine & Transmission Rebuilders was listed as an option located in Michigan.  According to their site they've been around since 1961.