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Old Toyota Pickup


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How rare was it to find a new Toyota Pickup from the 80s to 90s loaded with power windows, locks, and mirrors? Much of the trucks I’ve seen were basically bare bones, but that’s what I expected from an old truck.

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The pickups of those vintage were cheap basic transport, purpose-built utilitarian trucks.  


Definitely not from the 80s.  They all came over to Long Beach, CA without beds on them.  All the beds were made here in the USA and bolted on.


pickups used to be purchased for their intended purpose. Now they're mall crawlers for drug dealers.


Offhand I can't remember the last time I saw a Toyota pickup from the 90's, much less the 80's. 


You must live in the big city. There are lots of them where I live.

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Really, that's good to know they are still running around in decent numbers.

I know they were prone to rusting out badly.  I remember still seeing them in the late 90's, and they looked like they were dissolving one paint flake at a time.