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Bearings or Axle Or Shaft...


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I own a 1999 Nissan Maxima and I recently replaced my front tires because the cords started showing in a matter of a few months.  Long story short is I do most of my repairs since it saves money. My car sounds like an air plane and it smell like something is burning on my  passenger side around tire area. Not only that but it seems to drive rough too. Should I replace the front area that includes axle, boot, hub or what can it be? Should I throw down the towel and save for a another car or fix the I have now? I have had it for 6 yrs and it has 190,000 miles on it. Every year I tell myself it can go another year. So far so good. 

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How did your tires wear our? even or non-uniform? If you got a uniform wear, you have suspension issues and if it has uniform wear, you may have alignment issue. Lift up the front car and check the suspension as well:


Rotate the wheels, and see if the sound moves to the back. New tires should go on the rear anyway.