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Blowing smoke issue after full warm up


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Hello everyone. 2005 GMC Envoy (the one with the Inline 6) a lil over 149K miles. This is the only issue my sister has had with it could never figure out how to stop it but when she let it fully warm up to 210 degrees when start to drive it blows smoke the entire time even when at a complete stop. The only way to prevent it is to let it warm up 5 lines over 100 then lightly drive until at 210 degrees. What could be the cause?

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white smoke? blue smoke?


could be worn valve seals, worn piston rings, or a failed head gasket


then it's probably running rich. Look for vacuum leaks and run a diagnostic scan.



Will do. She said the spark plugs were changed, Ignition Coils, under the hood air filter, and the Mass Airflow Sensor was cleaned. The people want to say its engine failure but truth be told I don't think so. I feel they probably didn't check the EGR Valve