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Brake warning light and Grinding sound


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Hey Scotty,

I got a 99 suburban with 192,000 miles. yesterday when I started it the parking brake warning light came on and the brakes make a horrendous grinding sound, I want to say it’s coming from the front but I can’t tell. What could it be?

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Well, the warning light could be on because the fluid level in the reservoir is low... because the pads are worn out... which could be causing metal on metal when you apply the brakes.

Checked the fluid and it’s still full.

Outside brake pads still look decent and the brake pad tabs aren’t touching the rotor. Will have to check inner pads when I get home and take the wheels off.

Any chance your parking brake is on?


Is it still doing it or just a one time thing?

Still doing it


Did you try inspecting the brakes?

I Dont Know