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2006 Toyota Camry with automatic 3.3l engine 152,000

The cluster after turning off the car the fuel gauge stays where the gas is and the odometer stays lit up and after 10 mins it goes back down I noticed this after leaving the gas station and got and got back home. If anyone knows a solution to this problem let me know the car runs and drives fine I just never saw this before on a Toyota. the car has been maintained and I'm wondering if the cluster is bad or the sending unit is bad or if something is not going to sleep when turning the key off  the rest of the cluster works fine just the fuel gauge and the odometer.

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I would check the instrument cluster itself. I doubt that the sending unit is the issue.


It most likely a gauge cluster issue, but as long as you don't have draining battery issue, I would not worry about it. 


How long have you owned the car? Is this a new development? I wonder if it's normal for that car. I'm not familiar but I've read some Honda fuel gauges continue to read and there is power to the windows for a period of time after shutting off the car. See if your owner's manual addresses anything like that.

I have owed the car since new

Do you know if the issue just started or is it something maybe you recently noticed?

Something I recently noticed. And it just started


Well, I was hoping there was a simple explanation because troubleshooting electrical gremlins in the dash is a nightmare. In a car that age you could easily brake other things trying to fix the original issue. If it's something you can live with like @yaser says I would.


There is a separate fuse for the instrument cluster but wondering if it's fed by a relay, and that relay is sticking. But without a wiring diagram it's hard to say for sure. You could also check how much parasitic draw there is when you first shut off the car and compare what it is when the gauge finally goes to zero. If it's minimal, I wouldn't worry about it.