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Camry swaybar no where to be found


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Hey Scott,

I got a 96 toyota Camry i have had for 3 years and since listening to your videos I was able to keep it alive for so long. It even outlasted it's own engine pc which drove me crazy trying to figure out why I didn't stay on after even the gas pump was replaced. 300,000 still runs decent.

Now the main problem is, I use this beast to go all over DFW area and even after an allignment they told me that the swaybar and bushing on the front i can't remember which one but they said it will drive like a boat. Recently with all the rain and major highways i realized it can feel very uncontrollable and down right scary at times next to semis who don't seen to care your dangerously close.

I had a mechanic look all over for the part but the piece he needs to have it installed is not for sale.

He said, "This swaybar and bushings is not what we're looking for we're looking for the brackets that mount to the sub frame. Sway bar and swaybar in links and bushings are not hard to find at all that's not the issue."

Do you have any idea why he can not find it or myself?

One last thing too the rear suspension is is extra bouncy and i am very gentle when I close the trunk it is incredibly bouncy and was told it is about to be shot, I know it can be pricey to replace but do you think i am waiting this out til mid Jan or it should be addressed immediately?

Thank you for taking the time looking over this. I love this car very much I got it from a teen who kept hitting big things with it and it still runs well after so much damage on the frame.

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Well he could try hemmings motor News online. And of course there's always junk yards


if you can't find a replacement bracket, have one made out of 5MM steel plate by any good welder.


If nothing else, check ebay. I almost couldn't find a heater core hose for my 98' f-150, and ebay had it brand new. O'reilly's actually came through right after and found one left in a factory somewhere and got it faster than ebay would have. They thought that they didn't have one either, but hunter it down finally.


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I really appreciate your input guys. Thank you.