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How do I fix DTCs P0017, P00172, P00175


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I wrote a while back about my car tossing a P0017/P00172/P00175 codes... After starting with the cheapest options, i replaced PCV valves, new MAP/MAF sensor and still got the same codes. I bought Seafoam and ran that through and it deleted the codes. i went to work (about a 30 mile drive) and no CEL. after work i went to start the car and the CEL was lit up... turned on TORQUE and it only showed the P0017 code... So i guess my throttle body was all gunked up and seems to be the Camshaft sensor. I havent had a chance to run a better diagnostics, but im taking a guess its a bad sensor, would you agree on that? or could it be masking something else?

2011 GMC Terrain V6 3.0   200k+ miles

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Well it could be lots of things. With a vehicle like that I road test them with my fancy scanner. Then I record the data and play it back when I get back and see what's going on. If it was one particular sensor, the data would show bad on that sensor and then I start by analyzing that sensor and it's wiring all the way to the computer



I really hope it's the sensor or a VVT solenoid - sometimes this can indicate a wearing timing chain.

You should really try and look at live data how the "aim" and "actual" angles for that camshaft and for noises on startup.