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car dies on low idle but start instanly


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using 2015 yaris asian 1.3L automatic

300,000 km



when taking foot from gas

while in a turn

car sometimes die

but instantly start with no delay...




when for example

i reach my distenation

turn off car

comeback 5~10min's later

start it up

it cranks few seconds late till it start...


BUT not on a cold start

or when instantly starting it

after few seconds to a minute

of it being turned off




this problems started

few days ago

i wanted to treat my car right

changing parts 

for new OEM parts


i did scann it for any errors or problems

but was clear of codes


changed (all OEM):

from shoke absorbs 

spark plugs

spark plugs gasket cover ( had some leaks )

water coolent 

water coolent valve

oil evap valve (not sure about the names...)

fuel big filter inside the plastic

engine & gear mounts



poured around $2000 from parts & lebal

& now im sweeting from these random shutdowns & long startings...



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All right, sounds like it's getting a problem with the fuel system. Now. Could be anything from a dirty injector or worn injector. A small vacuum leak that when you take your foot off the gas sucks too much air to make the engine stall out. But any good mechanic could road test it until it does act up and stop. Then that information is recorded and a good mechanic will play it back and find the fault area. That's how we figure those problems out. So find a guy like me that has a good machine. Let them road test and see what day do they see is going bad

I changed the fuel pump
But still same issue

Does bad brake vacuum
Do this?
Since i use with air from its valve’s?

Scane results

Test Time:2023-03-31 21:19:36
Year:2016 Make:Toyota Model:Yaris/Vios
VIN:MHFBW9F34G5040323 Odometer:299654.00
Vehicle Information
Repair Shop
Vehicle Software Version:V50.55 Diagnostic Application Version:V2.00.015
Diagnostic path:16PIN DLC(Europe and Other) > Yaris/Vios > NCP15# > Others > w/o Smart Key
System fault code
The following system is abnormal: ECMECT (Engine and ECT) 6 problems exist
1.P1603 Engine Stall History 2.P1604 Startability Malfunction 3.P1605 Rough Idling
4.P1603 Engine Stall History 5.P1604 Startability Malfunction 6.P1605 Rough Idling
SRS (Supplemental Inflatable Restraint System) 2 problems exist
1.B161D Front Satellite Sensor Bus Center Initialization Incomplete
2.B1801 Open in Driver's Squib Circuit
CM (Combination Meter) 1 problem exist
1.B1507 Open in Turn Signal Circuit
The following systems are OK:
Current Current Current History History History
History History
1.ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)/VSC (Vehicle Stability Control)/TRC (Traction Control System)

2.EMPS (Electronic Motor Power Steering) 3.IMMO (Immobiliser)

turned out to be the gas return valve inside the tank

guess after changing the big gas filter
the engine started getting more gas that the valve cant keep up...
or something idk xD