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Car shut off


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My car has 102,662 miles

It's a nissan versa 2020

It doesn't idle at a certain place. It's everywhere. At random times it bogs down and the car shuts off. I do have a service engine on but it reads a MAF sensor is out, but I've changed it 3x. I've had my car looked at and they say everything is fine in that area and their suggesting I change my throttle body. Plus my cars impact lights will come on and then my car will bog down. Please help. 

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What specific codes are present? What does live data look like?

@Chuck Tobias it's a MAF code P0101 I believe. Don't know live data.

It would be interesting to see if MAF data looks OK. You might want to check it if possible with your scan tool. Note some possible causes here for that code: