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5 alternators in 3 years. Car keeps losing power.


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  1. No codes. 2016 Nissan maxima. Purchased used at in 2019 with 8000 miles. Automatic. Currently has 124,000 miles. I had 5 alternators, and 2 batteries in 3 years. They upgraded the battery last time. Started acting up the first year I had it. Losing power at random. Had to jump start it to work. But jump starts stopped working. Had to let it sit then it would work. As time went on sitting wouldn’t get it to come back on either. Other times alternator simply gave no notice and failed. Dealer never knows what’s wrong or misdiagnosed. I called Nissan consumer affairs. Tech said the positive line leading from alternator is corroded and I should replace clamps. $2600. The dealer is saying this may or may not fix it. If the positive line leading from the battery to the alternator is corroded, can I use electrical cleaning spray and protector on it? Those same sprays used in the battery? One spray or both? Next question do you know how I can get that line to stop corroding? My car keeps losing power. Ultimately causing the alternator and battery to completely go out. Do you have any thoughts on the issue?
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You should be able to do a voltage drop test across the battery cables to verify whether they're bad.

Thanks for your advice, I’ll have it checked!