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Change transmission fuild mk6 non dsg


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I have a 2014 vw 4 liter non dsg transmission. According to vw Its a sealed system and the fluid never has to change? Do i need to change the transmission fluid although the dealership does not recommend it

Is it an Aisin torque converter?



Since it's a Aisin Transmission, do you think Toyota dealer will know how to do it? I changed the tranny fluid every 45k miles when I had the VW.

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What model is it, MK6 of what? Golf? Passat? Polo?

anyway, if it’s an auto - it generates friction material so the fluid, most definitely, should be replaced.

you don’t say the millage or model or any useful info so I can’t give a more concrete answer but hope this helps.

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Also Euro spec? US (Chinese spec)?


It's a Volkswagen I change it every 60,000 mi when they break they cost a fortune

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Its an auto transmission


VW recommends changing it every 40k to 45k miles. A lot of VW dealership doesn't do a good job with car services. If this one doesn' treat you and your car well, then go to other one or DIY. Many VW dealerships are dominating the market of a region. Unlike Toyota, they are everywhere. I have been to 3 different VW dealerships, the one treats me well sells me a bunch of things I don't need, the one treats me sh!+ makes the engine oil leaks and burning oil, the one did the recall replaced my headlight without my consent.