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Extended crank


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Hi Scotty kilmer,

I have Chevrolet optra 1.6 LS automatic, Currently I am facing issue for long starting or car may be let over when I try to start after 24hours.

Only first time it take long time if not start on first self. Its take long time and RPM pedal down then it get start. and after that its running awesome. drive is good no missing after starting. and even all the day every time engine get start on half self.

But when ever I park the car for long days like 1 or 2. its takes time to start first time only?




Fuel pump changed, Spark plug changed, Fuel pressure is also check and its good. car battery is also replace with new one.

Car is running very smooth, but still issue with cold start, take long starting and after once its hardly start then stop engine then start with easily. No error code. please suggest i am so much worried about that what will be cause for that?

I think injectors needs to clean?

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Check the battery. If it checked out, you may have a weak fuel pressure. Change the fuel filter and then pressure test the fuel line. 

Yes already check battery it's fine but definitely will change fuel filter tomorrow and also check the fuel pressure. currently its 60 plus i.e 62 or 64 psi

Thanks 👍