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Chirping noise in a Lexus ES 350 2012


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Hi, I have a 2012 Lexus ES 350. When driving at steady speed without reving the engine there is a chirping noise coming from the engine part, like a cricket stuck somewhere, when pushing on the gas harder the noise is going, the same goes when releasing the accelerator fully. Any ideas what could be the noise? I would appreciate your help.

Can you please make a YouTube video of the noise & post the link here?

Yes I will do that and post the link here. Tomorrow probably.

Here is the link to the noise.

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Read our page about car noises in the FAQ

did you go through the FAQ as I suggested?

Yes I did, just couldn't find any help there. No noise that would sound like mine or any other issues happening to my car that were mentioned there

so what happened when you removed the belt like the instructions say?


Well I finished the drive belts or something they drive like an alternator bearing. Define the noise see my video finding the source of car noises Scotty

Thanks for you response. I watched all your videos and none of them show a noise that I have been hearing. When idle it's completely silent, push on the gas there is no noise as well but when just cruising at low rpms then it feels like a cricket is stuck under the hood.


Since you have already checked the serpentine belt, seems like it could be just one of the pulleys. Should be an easy fix.

Yeah but they checked pulleys as well, said they are fine. Also, when idle it purrs like a kitty, no noises whatsoever, only when you drive certain speed and lower rpm. Idk what else could be an issue.


With all the driven pulleys, idler pulley and tensioner pulley, it must be one of them. You said "they checked the pulleys as well."  Who, exactly was "they?" Try turning your headlights on, if it chirps, it's your alternator.

Local mechanics in town, I took it to 2 shops. Also, it doesn't matter if headlights are on or off, it chirps regardless. Nothing electronically affects the chirp. I am not sure if it's the alternator but I don't think so.


Thanks for the video, I’d start with checking your cabin air filter (and then blower motor) for any trapped dirt/debris. 

You say that the noise only appears when driving >30mph correct? Can you tell if the noise source is located inside or outside the cabin?

Well today I started driving and I was listening super carefully and actually noise appears from around 15mph and above but the most you can hear is around 30 and 50mph just barely pushing accelerator, when I release the throttle you can hear it but barely, when I push harder you can't hear at all. And the noise I think is located
more inside the cabin, I even did a drive by and couldn't hear anything.

Check if it’s a relay clicking in one of your fuse boxes -

I will check that out. But in that video the noise is not stopping. I don't have no noises at all until I drive. But I will check out some fuses.


Have you changed your engine air filter recently?

air filters chirp?

I actually did, and also changed the serpentine belt because I have heard that a bad one can cause some noise. I have been trying to figure out the noise and some mechanics say it could be one of the pulleys and they mentioned alternator decoupler pulley so I will check that one out.

probably the water pump. Are you losing coolant? How many miles?  Check the idler pulley too.