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[Solved] Which Automatic Transmission Fluid goes in an old Honda CRX?


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I have a 1990 Honda CRX "Base" or "DX" model with 198,000 miles and an automatic 4 speed transmission that runs fine. I purchased it as weekend project car to learn on and have fun. I am doing basic maintenance on it, fluid changes, gaskets, timing belts and such. Currently the transmission shifts perfectly fine but I have no idea when the last time it was changed. The owners manual and service manual asks for "2.5 QT Dexron II ATF". When I look this up I get multiple answers like "Valvoline MAXLife Dex/Merc ATF Fluid", "Honda OEM ATF DW-1", "Castrol Transmax ATF", and even some people in other forums said to use 10W-30 motor oil? Sounds crazy to me. I would like to know what you recommend because I don't want to self destruct my transmission.

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I would use Honda genuine fluid only. 

Gonna go for the OEM fluid. Seems like that's the safe bet.


Dexron III. Go to any auto parts store. It's the most common one there is. Dexron II has been superseded to Dexron III. 

Checked with a Pennzoil and Castrol fluid guide and they say to not use Dexron III because it is full synthetic. Getting alot of mixed answers but everyone is steering away from Dexron III.