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[Solved] Cleaning Throttle Body - Piece of Cloth Dropped into the Throttle Body


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Dear Friends,

Hope your doing well.
Today I was about 97% finished cleaning the throttle body. There was one little spot I couldn't clean enough I thought. So I saturated a piece of thin t-shirt cloth less then 2" square with Gumout and the darn thing fell down into the throttle body. I tried to use a vacuum cleaner to suck it out but to no avail. The 4 hex bolts are welded in place (it seems) so I applied some PB Blaster and let it set for awhile and tapped on the bolts and gave it another spray and tap. Removed the battery so I could get a straight shot at the primary and secondary butterfly plates with the vacuum.
This is likely the most foolish thing I've ever done. The VW Fox wasn't idling smoothly like it always has. But I could of lived with it...
Devastated to say the least... 
ANY Help or Suggestions very much needed and appreciated.
Please don't stone me for this error.
Sincerely, Raphael

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Just to let you all know. We ended up starting the engine and the piece of cloth got burned up in the manifold.
Keep in mind anyone that reads this. The piece of cloth was a worn old piece of t-shirt. Another type or thicker kind of cloth could of got stuck on one of the valves and bent it. It was a risk we felt was worth taking in this case.
My brother builds engines/cars and is on a race team for Modifieds. Once he took a look at the engines design he felt it was safe to proceed.
This is a risk you have to take and if things don't work out. We could of been looking at some serious engine damages. Thank God it worked out.
Thank you for your input.
Best, Raphael

Thank you for the update!


widely available for a few bucks (part store, hardware store, dollar store etc.)


Great suggestion! Thank You.
But wouldn't you need a camera to locate it in there?

a fox intake can't be that large. I would grab blindly until I caught it.

Likely true! have to go fishing I guess.
I'd have to have a flatbed come and take it to God knows where? CIS-E injection systems are a lost art...

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Wink Thanks for your help!