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Clutch problem on a VW 6-speed manual


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Hello everyone! I have a VW 1.0 TSI with a 6 speed manual transmission, 27 000 miles. Today I noticed that if I press the clutch pedal really slowly while the car is in gear and I'm driving, it sinks to the floor without any resistance and the clutch disengages barely enough for me to put it in neutral. If I press the clutch pedal faster (like I usually do), there is absolutely no issue. The clutch doesn't slip in any gear. The car is still under warranty and I have made an appointment for next week? What could be causing this issue and how to make them claim it under warranty?

Edit: I checked the brake fluid reservoir, the fluid is at max level, normal color.

I appreciate all advice.

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You have a hydraulic system problem, possible internal leak in the master or slave clutch cylinder. You'd have to check the terms of your warranty to see if the problem is covered or whether the entire clutch system is considered a "wear item".