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2004 Honda Civic Lx


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I had a beautiful Chevy Impala that blew a head gasket recently. I live in Boston so I can get around by the T public transportation for now but I hate public transportation! I had two minor accidents in the past 3 years that's pushing my insurance rates through the roof!! I'm considering buying an older car to mitigate that cost. My friend has a 2004 Honda Civic that LX that has mostly been sitting for over a year. It has about 160000 on it, which isn't bad. I can see the roaters are absolutely caked in rust as well as the calipers. I think they will all have to be replaced it will probably also need a tuneup. She doesn't want much for the car as o I figured even if I had to put a few thousand into it it could be a good work car. I'd appreciate your thoughts 

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You should have a good mechanic check the car out before buying. If it has an automatic transmission that will be one of the main things to watch out for since Honda automatics of that vintage are weak. Obviously rust is also a potential issue after nearly 20 years of New England salted winter roads. If the unibody structure is rusted out, forget it.