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cold misfire


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hi scotty. car misfires cylinder 2 but only on first start of the day and doesnt last long. sometimes the check engine light flashes while its misfiring. i have swapped the coils and sparks but doesnt help.

77k miles skoda fabia vrs with the same engine as polo gti of the time (1.4 twin turbo) P0302 code that clears itself if i check later on in the day. i only have a basic engine scanner.

i used some STP fuel cleaner and this is when it started to happen. any tips would be appreciated!! thank you!

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Swap the coil on cylinder 2 with another cylinder, erase the code and see if the misfire code follows it. 

hi. i dont think you read the post.

If the issue still there, you may need to access to live data and analyze them to find the issue.

yes she is booked in at the dealer but its in 2 weeks. i know it can be many things causing this but with the deatails i provided i thought it could narrow things down. id of thought the fact it only does it when it has sat over night could mean something. i can go a few hours while ot cools down to ambient temps and it will work fine. but after a good 12 hours it will happe upon start up and doesnt last long.


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