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Question Scotty (Everyone)

I want a car to last forever. I really want a Toyota, but I have buyer regrets and have a 14’ Ford Explorer (3.5 Not Ecoboost). Minus my negative equity, would it be worth trading my Ford Explore in for a Toyota Corolla or Camry? 

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would it be worth trading my Ford Explorer in for a Toyota Corolla or Camry?

Would you still be fine with a small-ish sedan?

What's the milage and year of cars you can afford and how much are you looking to add?


Generally, the non-turbo Explorer isn't too bad, you can get 150k-200k miles out of it.

There are some preventative maintenance items you want to take care of, but other then that it's alright.

Also, do not forget to replace the ATF!

My mileage is currently @ 124,664. Always been around fords and they all seemed to be pretty solid but I’ve heard about these explorers especially around my year that has water pump issues and all that. Learned my lesson with buyer regrets but sometimes you have to make decisions that suck but will save you in the long run. A Corolla would be great tho I like how small and simple it is and the Camry seems to be the same but bigger.

Well, the 3.5L V6 is not their worst engine and you can just replace the water pump and not have to worry about it for another 100k miles - that’s the closest that you can get nowadays to a bulletproof Ford suv, they’re going downhill fast.
As far as Corollas,

They have gotten good recently, much more than the old 2000s boring Japanese sedan - good safety, good tech, great reliability, but currently they’re going for insane amounts on the 2nd hand market.

Yes that’s what I figured! Seems like quality be going down hill ford lately. But yes that is true about Corolla but hey they look a lot better now tho. Much appreciated of your time!!


If it is the 3.5L Duratec, I would consider switching to a Corolla/Camry OR be really over the top with maintenance on the coolant system and water pump. The water pump is timing chain driven, and the water pump location in the valley or the engine could spill disaster for your engine, pun intended. I don’t know the failure rate of the water pump, but it is worth investigating IMHO. 

I’m not too sure. I think it’s just a v6 3.5l engine. Idk about the duratec but I believe that’s not what it is. Are these engines reliable or seem to have issues? Back in high school I drove a fed escape with a 3.0l engine and the tranny went out before the motor did. She was tough lol shockingly cause I beat that car so hard went out at 260k. But Toyota seems to be the solution to many things LOL

Duratec may have potential water pump issues. It may be a Duratec.