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Current Reliability of Acura Products


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I noticed in the last Consumer Reports Reliability Report that came out last November that Acura wasn't even listed. Honda was ranked 5. Are current Honda and Acura products still up there with Toyota/Lexus or have they fallen off?


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Honda and Acura are not what they are today. Their reliability has been going back and forth on the cars in the modern era.

I'm surprised consumer reports says that because they can be a little biased.


Over the years the reliability of Honda/Acura products has dropped.  That being said, I still consider them in the Top 3 with Toyota/Lexus #1 and Mazda a close 3rd place.  But there are instances where I would consider a Mazda over a Honda (assuming you didn’t get a Toyota first).  I am no longer impressed by Honda’s engineering, and they recently teamed up with GM for EV products.


Its alway a mistake to say Toyotas are X,  Hondas are Y.  The models, generations  matter.


I've had better overall reliability luck with Honda/Acura Vs Toyota


I drive a 2005 Tacoma right now and if it were not for a successful class action lawsuit the frame would probably have turned into dust by now due to a frame rust issue Toyota had to be sued for to remedy.  I drove an Accord and an Acura TL to well over 100K miles each and never had a problem with either.   I'm thinking about selling the Taco and buying a 2017 Accord coupe V6 manual trans as we speak,


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The context OP is asking are newer vehicles, so most recent generations.


In terms of reliability, I think the the edge goes to Toyota. But in terms of fit and finish, I think that goes to Honda and Mazda. 

Don’t get me wrong, Toyota is great in terms of fit and finish. But the overall feel of a Honda and Mazda feel a tad better than a Toyota.  But all three of these are better in terms of projected reliability than anything else. 

I agree and I do notice on some Toyota like the 10th gen corolla, they cut corners in the interior quality, no car should have visible velcro on the dashboard.