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1997 honda civic rear brake bleeding


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Good day. 1997 Honda civic si. 313 000 km. Brake discs in the rear. Bought a pneumatic vacuum brake bleeder thinking it would make the brake bleeding job easier but it did not pull the brake fluid out of the system on the rear calipers. I even used the max amount of pressure recommended by the manufacturer but just a small stream came out nothing much. I added grease to the brake bleeder threads and bleed nipple to ensure no air was getting in through the threads but no difference. Pulled out the bleed screw and it had no blockage. Gravity bled with no issues too. Used the traditional 2 man pumping method and the brakes had no trouble bleeding. Just confused why the pneumatic bleeder could not pull the fluid through, is something wrong? It bleeds normal with the traditional 2 man method of pumping opening and closing. The pneumatic bleeder is pulling a vacuum. Even tried those hand vacuum bleeders with a gauge and nothing came out( used the gauge to check for leeks and there was none) any advice would be appreciated. The brake are working after the 2 man bleed

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What brand brake bleeder did you buy? Where was it made?


That is surprising since I've been using my MightyVac for 20 years with no problems.


I've always had better luck with pressure bleeders like Motive than I have with suction bleeders. (Downside is needing adapters to fit the master cylinder of each car you work on.)